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Viola Music by Women Composers
By Dr. Carolyn Waters Broe
ASTA/NSOA Conference 2005
This Presentation was Partially funded by the
Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

*Works composed for, premièred by, or arranged by Dr. David Sills
** Treasury of Music By Women Before 1800
edited or arranged for viola ensembles by William Bauer, ARS FEMINA editions

Renaissance and Medieval
  • Hildegard von Bingen: In rubor sanguinis* voice and viola (German, 1098-1179)
  • Anne Boleyn: O Death, rock me asleep* (Queen of England c.1501-1536)
  • La Contessa de Dia: A chantar* (Medieval Troubdour, Provence, … 1200)
  • La Contessa: Canzona I and II - arr. for viola trio ** (German, c. 1570-1620)
  • A Lady (18th century): Lesson VI*
  • Antonia Bembo: Divertimento, viola trio ** (Italian, c.1670 - before1715)
  • Sophie von Braunschweig: Three Dances, viola quartet ** (German, 1613-1667)
  • Sophie von Braunschweig: Brunet Bluhet viola quintet **
  • Francesca Caccini: Balletto a Cavallo viola quintet ** (Italian, 1587-after 1638)
  • Isabella Leonarda: Sonata duodecima* (Italian, 1620-1704)
  • Beatrice Mattei - Sonata, Viola and Harpsichord - (Italian c.1740 ARS FEMINA)
  • Ana Amalia: Divertimento for piano, clarinet, viola, cello (German, 1739-1807)
  • Mary Polly Barthelemon (nee Young): Se pieta da voi non trovo: Soprano, violins, viola. and cello (English, 1749-1799)
  • Maddalena Lombardini: Duo Sonata Op. 4, No.1 ** (Italian, c. 1735 -1818)
  • Maddalena Laura Lombardini Sirmen: Six Quartetti
  • Elisabeth Olin: Lamento for Soprano, vlns., viola and cont. (Swedish, 1740-1812)
  • Maria Theresa von Paradis: Sicilienne* (Austrian, 1759-1824)
  • Luise Adolpha Le Beau: Three Pieces for Viola and Piano (German, 1850-1927)
  • Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: String Quartet in Eb, Pn. Q. (German, 1805-1847)
  • Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Die fruhen Graber for viola, 2 cellos and double bass
  • Emilie Mayer: 7 str. quartets, 3 str. quintets, 2 pf. quartets (German, 1821-1883)
  • Emilie Mayer: Sonata (cello/pf.) trans. for viola/pf.
  • Polly Rupe: Gentle Words* (American,1867)
  • Clara Schumann: Three Romances, Op. 22* (German, 1819-1896)
20th Century and Contemporary

Viola alone
  • Eveline Accart: Sonata (French, 1921- )
  • Allyson Applebaum: Soliloquy* (USA)
  • Grazyna Bacewicz: Sonata (Polish, 1909-1969)
  • Grazyna Bacewicz: Polish Caprice
  • Carolyn Waters Broe: Tokudo - The Gate of Enlightenment (USA,1957 - )
  • Carolyn Waters Broe: Hora - Dance Around the Pillar of Ashera
  • Sarah DuBois: Sonata for Solo Viola, 2001 (USA, 1951- )
  • Sarah DuBois: 3 Movements for Solo Viola, 2004
  • Eibhlis Farrell: Persephone Weaving* (Irish, 1953- )
  • Vivian Fine: Song of Persephone (USA, 1913-2000)
  • Lillian Fuchs: Sonata Pastorale, 3 Etude volumes (USA, 1903-1995)
  • Barbara Giuranna: Solo per viola (Italian, 1899-1998)
  • Betsy Jolas: Episode sixième (French, 1926- )
  • Barbara Kolb: Cavatina (USA, 1939- )
  • Carey Lovelace: Rising* (USA)
  • Elizabeth Lutyens: Sonata (English, 1906-1983)
  • Elizabeth Maconchy: Five Sketches (English, 1907-1994)
  • Elizabeth Maconchy: Variations on a Theme from Vaughn Williams's Job*
  • Ursula Mamlok: Composition for viola solo* (German, 1928- )
  • Ursula Mamlok: From My Garden*
  • Betty Olivera: Sonata for Viola (Israel)
  • Claire Polin: Serpentine (USA, 1926-1995)
  • Marga Richter: The Darkening of the Light (USA, 1926- )
  • Tona Scherchen: Lien (French, 1938- )
  • Ruth Schonthal: Four Epiphanies (German, 1924- )
  • Judith Shatin: L'Etude du Coeur (USA, 1949- )
  • Marcelle Soulage: Sonate in F, Op. 43
  • Hilary Tann: The Cresset Stone* (Welsh, 1947- )
  • Phyllis Tate: Variegations (UK, 1911-1985)
  • Nancy Van de Vate: Suite (USA, 1930- )
  • Stephanie Wiener: Sonata in D
  • Janet Beat - Circe (Bastet) (Scottish, 1937)
  • Violeta Dinescu - Din cimoiu (unpublished) (Romania, 1953)
  • Elena Firsova - Suite (B&H) (Russia, 1950)
  • Barbara Kolb - Cavatina (B&H)
  • Thea Musgrave - In the Still of the Night (Novello)
  • Janet Owen Thomas - Partita (Maecenas) (British)
  • Elisabeth Lutyens - Echo of the Wind (University of York Press)
  • Roxanne - Thunder (USA, 1956)
Viola and Orchestra or Ensemble
  • Grazyna Bacewicz: Concerto (Polish, 1909-1996)
  • Sofia Gubaidulina: Two Paths (Concerto for two violas) (Soviet Union, 1931 - )
  • Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Concerto Romantico (Australian, 1912-1990)
  • Betsy Jolas: Points d'aube (viola and 13 winds) (French, 1926- )
  • Elizabeth Lutyens: Concerto Op. 15 (English, 1906-1983)
  • Marga Richter: Aria and Toccata (viola and strings) (USA, 1926- )
  • Thea Musgrave: Concerto (Scottish, 1928- )
  • Thea Musgrave: From One to Another (viola and 15 solo strings)
  • Elizabeth Maconchy - Romanza (Chester)
  • Sally Beamish - 2 viola concertos!
Viola and Electronic Tape
  • Pozzi Escot: Mirabilis* (USA, 1933- )
  • Jean Eichelberger Ivey: Aldebaran (USA, 1923- )
  • Thea Musgrave: From One to Another (Scottish, 1928- )
  • Ann Southam: Re-Tuning (Canadian, 1937- )
  • Diane Thome: Levadi II* (USA, 1942- )
Viola and Piano
  • Marion Bauer: Sonata (USA, 1882-1955)
  • Amy Beach: Sonata [arr. Hannay] (USA, 1867-1944)
  • Nadia Boulanger: Trois pièces* (French, 1887-1979)
  • Margaret Brouwer: Two Pieces (USA, 1944- )
  • Rebecca Clarke: Sonata, 1919 (English, 1886-1979)
  • Rebecca Clarke: Lullaby, 1909 and Lullaby on An Ancient Irish Tune, 1913
  • Rebecca Clarke: Passacaglia on an Old English Tune, and Untitled Movement
  • Rebecca Clarke: Morpheus, 1917-18, and I'll Bid My Heart Be Still, 1944
  • Eibhlis Farrell: Viola Elegy
  • Elaine Fine: Tango Mariposa for Viola and Piano, Viola Sonata (USA, 1959 - )
  • Vivian Fine: Lieder (USA, 1913-2000)
  • Miriam Gideon: Sonata (USA, 1906-1996)
  • Janetta Gould: Oh, Can Ye Sew Cushions for viola/horn, piano (Scottish, 1926)
  • Pamela Harrison: Sonata, and Lament (English, 1915-1990)
  • Betsy Jolas: Quatre duos (French, 1926- )
  • Louise Lincoln Kerr: Five Character Pieces (USA, 1892-1977)
  • Julia Klumpkey: Quatre pièces and Suite No. 2 (USA, ca.1870-1961)
  • Priaulx Rainier: Sonata (South African-English, 1903-1986)
  • Eda Rapoport: Chant hébraïque and Poem (1900- ?)
  • Marga Richter: Aria and Toccata (USA, 1926- )
  • Tracy Rush: Song (USA, 1955 - )
  • Julia Smith: Two Pieces (USA, 1911-1989)
  • Mary Alice Rich: Sonata (USA, 1955 - )
  • Dame Ethel Smyth: Two Interlinked French Folk-Melodies (English, 1858-1944)
  • Marcelle Soulage: Sonate in a, Op. 25 (French, 1894-1970)
  • Freda Swain: English Reel, and Summer Rhapsody vla/clt. (English 1902-1985)
  • Nancy Van de Vate: Sonata (USA, 1930- )
  • Elizabeth Walton Vercoe: Elegy (USA, 1941- )
  • Sally Beamish - Sule Skerrie (Scottish Music Information Centre)
  • Janet Beat - Equinox Rituals: Autumn (Furore)
  • Tansy Davies - Small Black Stone (New Voices: British Music Information Centre)
  • Minna Keal - Ballade in F Minor (Corda) (England 1909-1999)
  • Priaulx Rainier - Sonata (Schott)
  • Maria Theresa von Paradis (arr Dushkin) - Sicilienne
Etudes for Viola
  • Lillian Fuchs: 12 Etudes, Fifteen Characteristic Etudes, 16 Fantasy Etudes
  • Nancy Van de Vate: Six Etudes
  • Stephanie Wiener: Six Etudes

Viola and Voice

  • Pozzi Escot: Bels Dous Amics (mezzo-soprano, oboe, and viola) (USA, 1933)
  • Deborah Kavasch: Abelard (soprano and viola) (USA, 1949- )
  • Eibhlis Farrell: The Lovesong of Isabella and Elias Cairel (soprano, oboe, viola)
  • Ruth Lomon: Five Songs after Poems /William Blake (voice, vla) (Canada, 1930)
  • Myriam Lucia Marbé: Na Castelloza (mezzo-sop., oboe, viola) (Russian, 1931- )
  • Patricia Morehead: A Chantar (mezzo-soprano, oboe, and viola) (USA)
  • Netty Simon: Songs for Wendy (voice and viola) (USA, 1913-1994)
  • Naomi Stephan: Na Maria (mezzo-soprano, oboe, and viola) (USA, 1938- )
Viola in Chamber settings
  • Victoria Bond: Conversation Piece (viola and vibraphone) (USA, 1945- )
  • Carolyn Waters Broe: Rebirth of the Goddess (flute, harp and viola)
  • Rebecca Clarke: Three Pieces (Prelude, Allegro, and Pastorale (clarinet and viola)
  • Rebecca Clarke: Lullaby, Grotesque (viola and violoncello)
  • Ruth Crawford-Seeger: String Quartet (USA, 1901-1953)
  • Ruth Crawford-Seeger: Diaphonic Suite No. 4 for oboe/viola and cello
  • Margaret De Wys: Raptor (oboe and viola) (USA)
  • Sylvia Glickman: Antigone Speaks for flute and viola (USA, 1932- )
  • Elaine Fine: Tango Mariposa for Viola, Cello and Harp (USA, 1959 - )
  • Betsy Jolas: Remember (viola and violoncello)
  • Louise Kerr: Etude (viola and violin) (USA, 1892-1977)
  • Louise Kerr: Oriental (viola and violin)
  • Louise Kerr: String Quartet in A Major and string quartet movements
  • Louise Kerr: Piano Quartets and Piano Quintets
  • Ursula Mamlok: Music for Viola and Harp (German, 1928- )
  • Ursula Mamlok: Rhapsody (clarinet, viola, and piano)
  • Ursula Mamlok: Concertpiece for Four (flute, oboe, viola, and percussion)
  • Thea Musgrave: Elegy (viola and violoncello)
  • Dame Ethel Smyth: Variations on "Bonny Sweet Robin" (flute, viola, and piano)
  • Hilary Tann: Duo for Oboe and Viola*
  • Debra Zae Munn: Interface (viola and marimba) (1953- )


  • Violeta Dinescu - Ostov I for 4 violas
  • Sofia Gubaidulina - Quasi Hoquetus for Viola Bassoon and Piano (Soviet, 1931)
  • Thea Musgrave - Lamenting with Ariadne (ensemble of 8 players, prominent viola solo)

Note: This is not a complete list of all viola works. My apologies if I have missed anyone.


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